Alisha Min (’11) appointed as Director of CAMS Victorian State Council

LOSA congratulates Alisha on her recent appointment to the CAMS Victorian State Council. For our inaugural Old Scholar Stories, we have asked Alisha to share with us her journey in reaching this amazing milestone in her career.

Alisha in her own words:

Standout moments in career to date:

Upon completing my Bachelor of Marketing & Communication degree at the University of South Australia, I was utterly determined to utilise my qualifications (in some capacity) within the sporting industry.

The initial turning point for me, professionally, came in 2017 when I was offered the Administration and Event Coordinator position at Vicsport. Upon accepting the role and relocating to the sporting capital of the world (Melbourne), employment at Vicsport (which is the peak body for sport and recreation in Victoria) gave me the invaluable opportunity to coordinate the 2017 Victorian Sport Awards, and an insight into the Australian sporting landscape, especially relating to its governance.

In 2018, I accepted a new opportunity at the Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA) as the Media, Marketing and Event Coordinator. Given my prolonged involvement in community football as an umpire and junior coach, this position has been an excellent fit and has further strengthened my credentials as a Communications professional.

How that led to this opportunity:

Simply put, the outcomes from my background and employment at Vicsport, and currently with the VAFA, have been enormous in terms of their influence on my recent appointment as a Board Director of the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) Victorian State Council.

From my schooling experience at Loreto College and general home-life (i.e. my immediate family), I have forever been surrounded by strong and truly capable people. Transitioning from these relationships in Adelaide to being immersed in sport in Victoria has allowed me to forge more significant networks with some incredible role models within said community. These industry-leaders, who are both women and men, have consistently encouraged me to aim high in my professional endeavours. More holistically to that same point, these individuals are determined to see diversity, particularly the representation of women, in board positions. This industry-wide focus is a key outcome from the 2015 Independent Inquiry into Women and Girls in Sport and Active Recreation, where sporting organisations are expected to comply with a minimum 40% women on boards quota by 1 July 2019.

In addition to the community of supporters around me, my passion for motor sport, career experience and continuous dedication to the industry made the pathway onto the CAMS Victorian State Council a great one. Although never a participant in motor sport myself, I have forever been a fan thanks to my Dad’s (Peter) interest. This passion began as a 5-year-old when my family would make the trek to Mallala at 6am to watch the V8’s race from the paddock. This involvement has progressed and broadened over time, including regularly attending V8 Supercars Championship and Porsche Carrera Cup events around Australia, to witnessing the Formula 1’s for the first time in Albert Park last year.

CAMS is making great strides in terms of advancing and growing motor sport for Australian participants at all levels, and I’m thrilled to contribute to their fantastic work through this position.

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