Stephanie Patniotis’ exciting global career within the events management industry

The month of May saw us highlight Old Scholar, Renata Ogilvie, so LOSA thought it would be appropriate to also share the professional journey of her younger sister, Stephanie Patniotis, for our June edition. Stephanie shares with us how her love and passion for events management has led to her having a successful and exciting career in events; not only in Australia, but internationally as well.

Stephanie in her own words:

After leaving Loreto in Year 10 and moving to Perth, I decided that my desire to become a lawyer was quickly being diminished by my new found passion for events.

Always the coordinator amongst my friends and family, it started with birthday parties, then led to weddings; and with a growing passion for all things media, I was fortunate enough to work on some of the largest events in Western Australia.

At 22, I joined forces with my sister, Renata Ogilvie and started our marketing and events agency, pSquared Communications. After 7 successful years of co-parenting our baby, I moved to Melbourne in 2017 with my eyes set on my bucket list event, the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix. My intention was to move to Melbourne and network as much as possible in hope that one day… maybe in 3 – 4 years’ time, I would somehow get my foot in the door, selling tickets, or greeting people as they enter. Within 6 months (and a lot of LinkedIn stalking!) I gained a contract as part of the core team, who build the track, grandstands, and every element you see at the site. (Fun Fact: The site takes 9 weeks to build, and 5 weeks to dismantle each year!)

I have been fortunate that my work as a freelancer in the event industry has taken me to some pretty cool places – including Thailand, USA, and most places within Australia.

From Justin Bieber, Adele and Ed Sheeran, to Lamborghini, Toyota and the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix; to Google, Amazon, Nike and Disney and the occasional stint on Australian Idol, Carols in the Domain and X Factor. In over 15 years of working in events, there’s never been two days which are the same – and that is a very big part of why I continue to do what I do.