Twins, Andrea (’84) and Paul Newman’s incredible personal and professional journey since leaving Loreto

For our April Old Scholar Story, LOSA would like to recognise both Old Scholars’ Andrea Newman (’84) and Paul Newman – aka “the Newman Twins”. The Newman twins both commenced at Loreto in 1972, just shy of their 5th birthday. They both attended Loreto together from Reception to Grade 3, where Paul then moved to Rostrevor College for the remaining of his primary schooling.

When Loreto Marryatville first opened, its schooling extended to educating boys in their junior primary-aged years. This is something that is unique to both the College and Loreto Old Scholars.

Andrea and Paul now both share with us their personal and professional journey since leaving Loreto…and their stories are definitely worth a read!

Andrea in her own words:

Paul in his own words:

I loved my years at Loreto College with the 70s and early 80s a time of great music, big hair and even bigger personalities (students and our teachers). In the junior school I developed a huge love of reading and writing – fostered by Mrs Sansom, and this was further encouraged by Mrs Rice and Mr Whiting in the Senior School. I relished debating under watchful eye of Mr Hall and developed a love of chess with keen moves taught by Mr Roberts. These childhood and teenage skills fostered at Loreto of communication, public speaking, strategy and preempting the next move were foundational in regard to my future career development. 

Always an optimist -I always saw a more position spin on teachers’ comments “she talks to much in class” in many (probably all) school reports. After a colourful start to University life I found my calling studying a Bachelor of Business, Majoring in Marketing and discovered a lifelong love of being involved in the communications industry.

Highlights included working with major advertising agencies in South Australia – and a career defining moment in the mid 1990’s was when I joined KWP! Advertising as Media Manager with industry icons Andrew Killey, Peter Withy and Lyn Punshon (who incidentally also have ties to the Loreto Community). They were great advocates of females in a male dominated industry and whilst there I reported into now one of Australia’s top Strategists – Sharon Cookson who inspired me to be my most authentic self in a business world and encouraged me to “do it my own way – but not naively”.

My most recent career moves have probably been the most exciting. I am a proud advocate of the state of South Australia – I love our diverse regions, the richness of our produce (food and wine) and the cultural footprint. I joined South Australian Tourism Commission as Marketing Manager of Events – with these events being the iconic Tour Down Under and Tasting Australia. Then moved into the role of Consumer Marketing Manager —also promoting this gorgeous state to South Australians (so important to showcase our own backyard), interstate and international visitors.

I moved to Discovery Parks as Brand and Campaign Manager once again promoting the benefits of touring not just South Australia but the whole, entire country and in this role, I travelled across Australia – from Rottnest Island to Rockhampton. This is tourism on steroids, with the large majority of these holiday parks being in the most pristine, pure Australian locations.

As a great believer that it is good to challenge your comfort zone and because I have made a lifelong commitment to personal growth, I recently joined the digital tech company SWEAT as Campaign Manager. This is a global business headquartered in Adelaide with the vast majority of our customers based in the US, Canada, UK and Europe – our global reach is in excess of 50million women. I love that our large female following are motivated by a sense of community, empowerment through the health benefits of physical fitness whilst being “border agnostic”. And now more than ever whilst in the grips of the Covid Pandemic we have seen a mass connection across our global community.

Whilst forging ahead in the Marketing and Communications arena, I married Hamilton and had two beautiful girls Hannah and Holly (both also with ties to the school as past students). They have been my biggest supporters and my anchors in achieving a “work/life balance” and I’m happy to say that the love of reading/writing/communicating has been happily passed on to my two daughters to continue this lifelong legacy

I started my education in Reception with my twin sister Andrea in 1972.  I was privileged to attend Loreto until Grade 3 and then moved to Rostrevor College for the remaining primary school years.  From there I attended Saint Peter’s College, where I completed my education.  After leaving school I started a career in aviation with Qantas. I began as an International Flight Attendant, travelling the world.  I held various roles in my 20-year flying career culminating in my position as Customer Service Manager on board the flagship A380 aircraft.

During my last 10 years at Qantas I held various senior executive management roles including Manager Northern Territory Airports, Manager Qantas Lounges and National Manager Qantas Domestic Cabin Crew. Most recently these roles involved managing an incredibly large number of staff I have a keen interest in developing and mentoring others and a passion point for me is validating the individual with empathy and clear direction. 

After a 30-year career with Qantas I made the decision to leave in January this year, after being offered a position to become a Senior Manager at Apple.  As a company Apple fosters creativity and values the individual which as a corporate culture facilitates rapid innovation. This relatively new role is a career defining move with an iconic and revolutionary company and further builds on my keen interest in managing and developing people whilst at the same time creating memorable customer experiences, in what is now a digitally led world.

I have been married for 28 years to my beautiful wife Carolyn and we have one precious daughter, Charlotte. Being a twin is very special and Andrea and I are incredibly close. We have always played a big part in each other’s lives, being there for each other, supporting our personal and professional journeys together. 

One of my happiest memories of Loreto was the Grade One football team and the success we achieved. Some of my team members were Peter McVann, Robbie Nerlich, Simon Moten and Thomas Haddad (pictured below taken on Loreto’s Top Oval). I also remember the fun we all had on Mission Day and how much we all looked forward to it. Those early years at Loreto hold very fond memories for me.


Andrea Newman (pictured left) and Paul Newman (pictured right)