About LOSA

The Loreto Old Scholars’ Association (‘LOSA’) is an incorporated association governed by a committee of 21 vibrant and passionate women who all have connections with Loreto College, Marryatville. These connections range from being past students, to representatives from the IBVM and the College.

We are delighted that the composition of the committee includes the School’s current Principal, Dr Nicole Archard, as well as Marryatville’s past Principal, Sr Diaan Stuart—Sr Diaan is also our IBVM representative.

Together, we aim to ensure generations of Loretians stay connected with each other and the College. We also seek to promote the values that our foundress, Mary Ward, instilled in female education over 400 years ago, ensuring that the Loreto spirit lives on long after we leave the school gates.

LOSA achieves these objectives by holding regular activities and events. In doing so, we encourage all past students to attend social initiatives because LOSA aims to connect Old Scholars from different generations. This provides vital social and professional networking opportunities to our members.

LOSA also supports the College and the wider Loreto community through promoting sporting initiatives, the provision of financial support, and engagement in social justice initiatives. Recently, these supports have been realised through LOSA’s $500,000 donation to the School for the redevelopment of the science labs; and through our support of the LOSA Netball Club Inc.

We also call for grant applications each year, please click here for more information.

Additionally, LOSA is focused upon celebrating the extraordinary successes of former students—success that include both Rhodes and Schwarzman Scholars. The skills and knowledge developed at Loreto Marryatville has seen Old Scholars reach pinnacles in fields including journalism, law, medicine, science, industrial relations, business and fine arts.

To find out more about the members of our committee, please click here